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National projects

OTKA 101905. „In-situ spectral characterisation of artificially generated and atmospheric carbonaceous aerosols using photoacoustic spectroscopy” A completed project

International projects

OTKA NN109679. „Application of the atmospheric water vapour and total water measuring instrument developed by the University of Szeged in airborne measurement campaigns on mid-latitude cirrus clouds and its further development” An ongoing project in cooperation with the Jülich Research Center


Long term cooperations

Hilase Ltd. Spin-off company of the university founded in 2004.

Videoton Holding ZRt.

Mol NyRt.

Medical institutes of the University of Szeged:

  • Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Surgical Research
    Assessment of oxido-reductive stress induced endogenous methane by breath methane measurement
  • Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral Biology and Experimental Dental Research
    Study of the correlation between diseases and gases produced in the oral cavity
  • Faculty of Medicine, First Department of Internal Medicine
    Investigation of the correlation between exhaled gases and gastrointestinal diseases
  • Institute of Breath Research, University of Innsbruck
    Modelling of the exhalation kinetics of endogenous gases (with 3-compartment model) and identification of disease-related volatile organic compounds by mass spectrometry